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  • Single character, full body, minimal background.
  • Rendered with warm and cool greyscale markers.
  • On 11” x 14” art board.
  • $300 (US Conventions) / €250 (European conventions).
  • Paypal payment required either in advance or upon completion of commission.

Other notes on commissions

  • Artwork will be delivered by the artist at conventions/signings.
  • Artwork can be picked up by someone other than the customer. Please provide name of the person picking up the commission.
  • The commissions are produced for private art collectors. They are not to be reproduced without permission from the artist.
  • The artist will have the right to reproduce the artwork as long as there are no copyright conflicts.
  • No requests for different sizes, commissions on blank sketch covers or sketchbooks etc. will be accepted.
  • Multiple characters or specific requests can be discussed but not guaranteed.
  • This information is strictly for pre-show commissions. The artist is currently not taking any “at home” commission requests.

Please contact with your request.


  1. Q. How can I contact you?
    If you have a question you can ask me directly from the ASK page you can find on this here blog. If you need to contact me for something else, then you can write to
  2. Q. What kind of medium do you use in your commissions?
    A. I use Copic markers. Predominantly warm and cool greys with values ranging from 00-10
  3. Q. Where can I get one of your sketchbooks or prints?
    A. Only through me at conventions or signings.
  4. Q. Do you take commission requests to do at home?
    A. No.
  5. Q. Do you sell your original art?
    Yes, I do. You can find them by clicking on the ORIGINAL ART button on top of this blog. If you can’t see what you are looking for from me then ask Rich DeDominicis about it and he’ll be happy to help you out.
  6. Q. Would you draw my comic?
    A. Unless you are professional, serious and paying, probably not.